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For Profit and People

"When asked why city officials would turn to a for-profit company rather than a public college, Desley Brooks, an Oakland City Council member, said the answer is cost: “You can’t even go to a J.C. and get this level of education for that amount of money. The trust comes from the people who are involved."

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No Aid, No Problem

UniversityNow’s Patten University may be the first institution to successfully renew its regional accreditation while also voluntarily dropping out of federal financial aid programs. That move is one of several that make the Bay Area startup novel, or at least a new twist on emerging models in higher education.

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Levo League Office Hours: UniversityNow CEO, Gene Wade

Levo League featured UniversityNow's CEO, Gene Wade, in its "Office Hours" segment, a weekly, 30-minute video conversation with extraordinary leaders.

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Freedom House Announces Innovative Alliance with UniversityNow

Freedom House, a community organization focused on education, technology, and leadership development programs for inner-city youth in Boston, Massachusetts, has announced a pivotal alliance with UniversityNow to improve the college readiness of Boston high school students and recent graduates.

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New Business Degrees at Patten University

OAKLAND, CALIF., July 11, 2013 — Patten University announces new online business degree programs, including a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Management. Patten University’s accreditor, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), recently approved these new degree programs at the same time that it reaffirmed Patten University’s accreditation through 2018.

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