Our Mission

Making higher education available for everyone
by building the most affordable and accessible universities in the world.

Our Mission

The mission of UniversityNow is to help ensure that a high quality post-secondary education is available to people everywhere.

Our vision is a world in which no one is deprived of access to quality education — a world in which students can obtain recognized college degrees that improve their futures, without taking on the burden of student debt.

This includes employing:

  • Technology-assisted learning environments focused on efficiency and student success;
  • Peer-to-peer learning communities where students share their knowledge and skills, and help each other obtain recognized degrees and credentials;
  • Pedagogical models where the faculty serves as mentors and coaches as well as subject matter experts;
  • Evaluation systems that measure student achievement on whether students meet standards that are rigorous, clearly articulated and recognized; and
  • Tuition models that are significantly more affordable.

Our Five Cultural Values

  • Students First: Helping students succeed and putting their interests first.
  • Quality Focused: Creating the highest quality programs possible as measured by student outcomes.
  • Ownership/Empowerment: Taking personal responsibility for, and ownership of, business and academic outcomes and insisting others do the same.
  • Diversity/Respect: Valuing the diversity of the individuals with whom we work and respecting our differences.
  • Responsiveness/Agility: Operating as a learning organization that believes that “failure” and “setbacks” are feedback we can use to reach our goals and objectives.