A debt-free college degree can be possible for anyone
But things need to change

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Did you know that 2 out
of 3 college students
graduate in debt?

why is that?


College tuition has
skyrocketed out of reach
for most students.

What’s to blame?


Massive budget cuts are driving public schools to raise tuition and cut capacity, closing classroom doors on millions.

Where do rejected students turn?


As a last resort, those
rejected from public
institutions take on huge
loans to afford expensive
for-profit universities.

where does this
leave us?


The U.S. is in an education crisis and not enough
people know the facts.
This crisis impacts more
than just students. It’s
hurting our economy.

what can be done?


Real solutions exist
today that can make a
debt-free education
possible for anyone,
but we need your help.

what can i do?


Join The Movement

I believe in the power of education. At a time when our education system is at a breaking point, I pledge my support to make change possible. Given the unemployment crisis, massive budget cuts and $1 trillion of student debt outstanding — enough is enough.

With this pledge, UniversityNow will keep me posted on the tangible actions I can take to make a difference. I will join a community of leaders who care about our country’s future, and help millions of people gain access to college without taking on more student debt.

The University Now Pledge

Unite your voice with thousands of others. Join our community and be the first to learn how you can help curb the student debt crisis and open college doors to millions.

This is our campaign roadmap

Together, we can make education affordable and college accessible to millions of new students.


our mission

Widespread awareness

and support of low-cost
higher education
solutions (that cost
taxpayers nothing).


for existing colleges and
universities to lower their
costs, instead of passing
them on to students
through tuition hikes.


college education for
those who need it.


around the implications of taking on student loan debt, and actions you can take if you're in debt.

A national network of local leaders

sharing their personal experiences
and working toward solutions.

A debt-free college degree can be possible for anyone. But things need to change Together, we can remove the barriers currently preventing millions from earning a college degree.