Our Initiatives

UniversityNow Campaign for College Access & Affordability

At a time when a college education has never been more important, most affordable American colleges and universities are at a financial breaking point.  Funding cuts, capacity constraints and skyrocketing tuition are forcing public universities and community colleges to turn away millions each year.  As a result, students are incurring significant debt to afford expensive alternatives that represent their only path to a college degree.

Our belief is that a debt-free degree can be possible for anyone who seeks it – but things need to change.  We’re doing our part by rethinking traditional methods of delivering higher education in order to create sustainable solutions in a resource-constrained environment.   As social entrepreneurs, we understand our job at UniversityNow involves re-imagining how higher education can be delivered in a way that responds to the U.S. crisis in higher education, empowers students, and gives back to communities.

But it is not enough that our venture is trying to do good for students and communities via innovation to lower costs and create access; in order for us to help tackle the current crisis in higher education, we need to do good with students and communities  and to co-create the change want.  As a result, we launched the UniversityNow Campaign with a goal of organizing community resources, funding and scholarships to provide access to college degrees to tens of thousands of new students in the next year.

Our hope is not only to drive change as a disruptive venture, but through this campaign, to organize students and community supporters to encourage other institutions to join us in collectively fostering change across the education landscape.  To learn more about how you can be a part of this movement, visit: www.unow.com/campaign.